We purchase almost all organic vegetables and fruit (and we grow our own), but you still wash all of our produce. I will spare you all off the articles I have read on cross contamination (organic vegetables sold next to or shipped with conventional produce) as well as contamination from everyone who touches it before you purchase (employees and other customers) and in our garden – the animals and bugs who are around. Also, the wax (to make the fruit beautiful) and cleaning practices (using chlorinated water baths) are not good for us! I use lemon essential oil in water to soak all produce! I have found that the lemon essential oil bath helps protect the produce too!

To a clean sink
Fill with cold water
Add 5 drops of Lemon essential oil

Rinse fruit and vegetables
and soak in lemon essential oil and water bath.

Soak berries for just a few minutes, hearty fruits and vegetables 
can soak up to 15 minutes.
Rinse and then air dry.

I will run several batches of produce in the lemon essential oil water bath before changing the water.  I start with berries (they have thinnest skins and get fresh water).

Check out a few of my favorites-
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