My husband, Anthony, has suffered from osteoarthritis since before I met him. We were married only 6 ½ years ago but his joint pain and inflammation seemed to get increasingly worse with each month that went by. By the time we made our way to the 2nd orthopedic surgeon he said we were over 2 years late in seeing him (we had seen his partner only 2 years prior). Unfortunately, the damage had been done and within the next 2 years Anthony had 4 joint replacement surgeries. He had his right hip, then right knee, left knee and eventually his left hip replaced. Just over a year ago his hands were extremely painful and he could not make a fist. He was only on 3 daily Tylenol (only 3 due to other medical issues). I knew something would need to be done so my husband could feed himself in the future but the thought of joint replacements for his thumb and fingers just seemed too much. By this point, I had almost 3 years of living more naturally, using essential oils and had read lots of studies about natural healing. I kept saying (to myself and anyone who would listen) that the inflammation was there when I met Anthony but it has gotten so much worse and considerably quicker over the last 6 years that I know it has to be something he is eating causing it. We had been eating mainly organic vegetables and fruits, our own raised meats and eggs as well as grass fed beef and still he was getting worse (even with the joint replacements).

Earlier this year we knew we needed to take action and decided that Anthony needed to have food sensitivity testing. In late February, we went to a seminar on inflammation with a local chiropractor and set up an appointment for a consultation, x rays and food sensitivity testing. At the same time, he had an appointment with his General Practitioner. The GP looked at Anthony and said “Do not waste your money on that testing, it will not work”. Thankfully, we did not let him influence us.

The x-rays showed Anthony had inflammation throughout his body, his own body was attacking itself. Anthony’s food sensitivity test results were revealing- he has no food allergies. He only has 17 food sensitivities, my thought was – we can handle this, how hard can it really be to eliminate 17 foods. We learned he has sensitivity to baker’s and brewer’s yeast (which is in almost all prepared foods), chicken eggs (so now we know everyone who sells duck eggs in our area), cow’s and goat’s milk, mushrooms (this is sad), but guess what else black and white pepper, chiller pepper, garlic, wheat, oat, chocolate, olives, peas, pineapple, and potatoes. So my cooking with lots of garlic, pepper, and mushrooms had not helped his already sick body. I even was making sure he had lots of pineapple- you know I read an article on it helping reduce inflammation. We had our own chickens and enjoyed lots of fresh eggs too!!

We were not overwhelmed with eliminating these items from his diet at all. We were desperate to try anything and made the commitment we would try. I am so proud that he has successfully changed his diet and lifestyle, we do not miss pepper, chicken eggs or pineapple since we know what it would do to his body again!! We do plan to reintroduce these foods eventually so that we can relax a bit, but it will be one at a time and constantly evaluating if there are any issues.

You can get food sensitivity testing yourself. I did and surprising have several of the same sensitivities as my husband (I had some inflammation, but not as debilitating as Anthony’s). I have eliminated my 24 sensitivities as well and I am not “achy” anymore (I did not know how achy I was as it seemed to sneak up on me and I just thought that was normal).

I cannot wait for Anthony to go to his next General Practitioner Appointment to let him know it was the best money spent to have food sensitivity testing- no more need for any Tylenol (YEAH) or other pain relievers and losing 55 pounds in 4 months!!

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We hope that you find the wonderful results we have by eliminating foods you are sensitive to, it takes some research and planning, but it is worth it!

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